The 3 Best Skin Care Tips for Women over 50

Women over 50 have total rights to look just as beautiful and good looking as she looked when she was 30. Few things in life are inevitable and cannot be changed- ageing is one of them. No one can stop or reverse the process of ageing. However, with good skin care and healthy eating habits, one can definitely slow down this process. Timeless beauty totally depends on how well you take care of your skin and how efficiently you avoid wrinkles, keeping your skin soft and young. Most of the women who are over 50 look for the best and effective skin care tips and products. But, what every women should understand is that the skin care for a woman who is 50 or more is not the same as that for a woman who is in her 20s and 30s. So, in spite of taking your skin for granted, here are few things that you should consider in your daily routine to get young and supple skin.

A Milk Bath Surely Helps

You can create a spa at home with milk bath. It is definitely not a complex process. All you need to do is to take one cup powder milk and add a tbsp of grape-seed oil to it. Mix it well and add it to your bath water. When the water is ready, you can add few drops of your favorite essential oil. And let your body relax in the bath water. Milk contains lactic acid, which can effectively remove the dead skin cells. The grape seed oil is rich in antioxidants that help in feeding your skin. And the essential oil is capable of lifting your mood with its irresistible fragrance.  

Try the Lemon Detox

Healthy diet is the first step towards healthy and glowing skin. To keep your skin young and supple, it is important that you start your day with a homemade detox drink like lemonade. A lemon drink is probably the easiest thing to prepare. You just need to squeeze the juice out of lemon into a mug and pour lukewarm water to it. If this is followed on daily basis, it can help you flush out all the impurities and toxins from your body, which benefits your skin to a great extent.

Your Hands Need a Facial too

Just as your face needs care, your hands need it too. Applying a facial pack or mask at the back of your hands once or twice a month will let them stay soft and wrinkle-free. Most women not only over 50, but of all ages tend to neglect hands, which in fact is one thing that can reveal your real age. So, it is advised that you take care of your hands. Apply a facial mask and leave it to dry for around 15 minutes before rinsing with water. This will help you to preserve your youthful looks.  

Women over 50 need to make some extra efforts for efficient skin care as their body does not replace dead skin cells as easily as women of younger age. But with little care, you can let your skin shine as always.


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