Easy Underarm Bleach Recipes

Dark underarms are one of the most common problems that many women face. 7 out of 10 women face the issue of black underarms and usually resort to underarm bleach as their saviour.

Blackening of underarms can be the problem because of many reasons, no need to worry more since it has many home remedies for underarm bleaching.

Causes of Dark Underarms

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There are several lifestyle and health factors which can cause Dark underarms.

  1. Regular shaving of underarm can be the cause the skin to darken. This occurs as shaving only removes the hair at the surface of the skin and the area tends to look darker than the normal skin tone because of the dull hair just underneath the skin surface.
  2. Some ingredients in regular deodorants and perfumes available in the market could cause pigmentation of the skin. Which doesn’t allows the pores to breathe and results in darken of skin!
  3. Preferably, you should wash your underarms on a daily basis, and twice if you’re exercising.
  4. If there is an Improper maintenance of hygiene, there is a tendency for dead cells to accumulate inside the skin, which can cause dark spots when the dead cells trapped under the skin.
  5. Regular usage of depilatory cream can encourage darkening of underarms.

6 DIY Underarm Bleach Ideas

Darkening of the underarms is not a genuine medical condition, and unless it happens as an indication of some other wellbeing condition, it doesn’t warrant medical treatment. Remember that most home remedies are not the subject of relevant research, so their outcomes could vary:

  1. Lemon- The best home remedies for underarm blackening should include usage of lemon. It can lighten the tone of underarms as it consists the properties as pumice stone.  Massage with 1/2 of lemon on your underarm in the circular motion and let it get dry for at least 15 minutes before you shower every day. It will naturally whiten your underarms as the citric acid will kill all the bacterias.
  2. Potato juice– Potato is rich in Vitamin C, Potassium, Iron, and Zinc. Potato is a fantastic product for whitening of underarms. Make the juice of potato and apply with cotton ball. Also, you can use only two slices of potatoes or grate it and rub directly. This can be done once in a week before you take a shower.
  3. Baking Soda– Baking soda will help remove damaged skin, which is the most common cause of darkening of underarms. Form a paste with pouring water and the small amount of baking soda. If possible, leave it for a night for better result and rinse thoroughly in the morning.
  4. Cucumber–  Cucumber has natural bleaching properties that help lighten dark skin. Gently rub the single slice of cucumber over your underarm, or extract the juice and apply on your underarms, or for the better result, you can add 1/2 lemon to enhance its effects. After that, rinse it with lukewarm water
  5. Orange Peel– Orange peel is rich in Vitamin C, fiber, folate, Vitamin B1, copper, pantothenic acid, and calcium. With a tablespoon of natural yogurt, use powder formed with dry orange peels and apply it to your underarms. It should be left for 20 minutes before you take a shower.
  6. Pumice Stone– At the time of the shower, rub your underarms gently with the pumice stone for two minutes. This will discard the dead skin and will leave your underarm fresh.


Follow these DIY underarm bleach tricks to get rid of underarm blackening and flaunt your clean underarms confidently.


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