Few Weird Facts About Cosmetic Corrections Using Botox

Botox has driven people crazy around the world. Thanks to the negative buzz about how you can cosmetically correct the so called imperfections on your face and on different parts of your body. We all the tie come across the odd news and odd funny pictures about how few people underwent Botox treatments only to repent in future.

A lot any of such cases also include big celebrities like Hollywood stars and musicians. Some of these stories are not even funny as people have also suffered with partial or full paralysis of one or more of their muscles few after or even few months after they underwent Botox.

The promoters of Botox treatment would obviously favor their argument but one can’t simply deny the fact that there is something unusual about Botox; let us take a look at few odd facts.

  • Botox is actually a marketing word used for the term “botulinum”, which is far more difficult to pronounce. This is considered as very toxic and is actually one of the strongest of its kinds known to human being. It is actually a type of protein that is made up of a bacterium.

cosmetic corrections

  • Cosmetic corrections are not Botox but are only a very small part of what the actual Botox treatment is capable of. Botox also help in healing muscle spas, which also includes things like debilitating problems like weak bladders and usually an injection is given for the treatment. This not only helps in easier recovery from the pain, but also makes the muscle movement much easier. Did you know this? Well, most of the people believe Botox is all about beautifying oneself, and nothing more!

cosmetic corrections

  • More deaths occur due to fake Botox treatment compared to the use of actual substance. Over the last 20 years, around 50 deaths were recorded and none of these were related to the cosmetic use. Using other things in the place of Botox, that are not medically proven, however can lead to different types of complications, serious injuries and in some cases death.  The fact that we have rarely heard of odd stories about Botox leading to death testifies it.

cosmetic corrections

  • Less than 5% of the people who undergo such treatment develop any serious or noteworthy side effects. Even the ones who suffer few side-effects don’t have bigger problems and usually witness bruising, nausea, symptoms similar to flu, swelling, cold etc and in few cases there is minor bleeding near the injection region. These side-effects are very temporary and subside on their own. There are any odd pictures that are sometimes little graphic in nature that show these simple side-effects that occur post Botox treatment.


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