How to Wear Lipstick That Lasts Long Without Smudging

Perfect beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. While this statement is definitely true, it does not assert that one must not care. Beauty is also in the self – meaning, when you feel beautiful, you are confident. That’s the key. Even if the other person does not perceive you to be beautiful, if you are confident, you are good to go.

In this era of fashion, make-up becomes essential part of women. Among all those fashion accessories, lipstick is one important and critical accessory that women just can’t afford to forget putting on. Most of the women have the habit of keeping lipstick or lip gloss with them in their purse or wallet. Most often, when women are in hurry, they forget other makeup accessories but pick their lipstick as if it is an essential. However, if you are a woman and wear lipstick, it will bring out your inner beauty. Lips get a perfect shape and look attractive with lipstick on them. A lipstick gives natural shade and highlights the lips.

Besides beauty concern, wearing lipstick protects the lips from dryness of winter and fall season. Even some women like to put on lip balm for that matter. Basically, lipsticks help lips to moisten and look shiny. Coloured lip balms are very much in fashion these days. If you are on date with your partner, wearing a lipstick will make you feel confident, look charming and stylish. A lipstick in nice colour will make you look gorgeous and stunning.

Here is a step by step process to put lipstick that can stay for long just like celebrities.

  1. Exfoliate the lips gently using wet cloth or damp cotton pad and wipe them clean. Swipe a matte coloured lip pencil on lips to form an even base.
  2. Pick any translucent powder and dust it with brush along the edges of your lips to lock the colour and then use a darker colour lip liner to layer the outline for defining shape.
  3. Pick any colour of your choice. Apply that shiny coloured lip pencil on top and bottom of your lips to fill the centre. After this, use concealer with brush to sharpen and clean its edges by running it outside the edges of the lips.

The most important thing in the whole process of decorating your lips is a lip pencil. If you don’t have a good one, you can’t paint your lip like celebrities. Avoid using all those goopy glosses.

Apart from lipsticks, eye kohl is also one important part of women’s makeup. However, the beauty of inner-self depends on how you carry yourself. The dressing sense, hair-do and facial make-up all add to the complete outlook of a person. Especially for women, make-up is a very important part of life. Some women do a lot of things to maintain themselves and look presentable. Even if they have nice looks with a nice figure, they wear make-up to look beautiful, whereas some women apply light make-up to highlight their features in a natural manner. There is one category of women who don’t like to wear make-up at all.


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