Papaya Face Pack for Different Skin Types.

Fruits are full of vitamins and juicy fruits are good for health in all manner. Some fruits help in cutting down extra fats from body and some helps in treating serious diseases. When we talk about advantage of food, we associate them with health and forget about their role in enhancing beauty. Fruits can also be used as face wash, face pack and face scrubs. They can be used as natural cleanser with no harmful chemicals. Lemon, orange and other citrus fruits are known to have bleaching capacity and thus can be used for removing tan from the body.

One of the most commonly found fruit is papaya. It is very healthy for human and also called angel fruit. Papaya has vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. It is used as beauty ingredient for healthy, glowing and fresh skin. If papaya is mashed and applied on skin, it helps in removing dead cells thereby giving a clear and soft feel. Here are some of the different papaya face packs that can be used for different skin types varying from pimple prone skin to dry skin.

  • Papaya for Naturally Moisturized Skin: Papaya helps in removing dryness from face. Take one slice of ripe papaya, mash it well and mix with one table spoon of honey and milk. Mix all the ingredients to apply evenly on the face and neck. After twenty minutes, rinse or wash the face with cold water. You will see your facial skin becomes softer and glowing.
  • Papaya for Oil Free Skin: Papaya can remove excess oil from skin and leave the skin pimple free. Take a ripe slice of papaya, mash it well and mix with multani mitti to make a thick paste. Apply over the face and neck evenly and keep for some time until it dries and becomes hard. Use cold water to wash it off. You will feel the excess oil gone from the skin. If it is applied for some days continuously, pimples will vanish. This homemade face pack of papaya and multani mitti is good if your skin has acne and pimples. Multani mitti will absorb the oil and removes stickiness and papaya will soften the skin.
  • Papaya to Fight with Pigmentation: If your skin has black spots and pigmentation, take two table spoon of ripe papaya pulp, mix with one table spoon of lemon juice and apply over the face and neck concentrating on the part with pigmentation. Leave the pack for at least twenty minutes and then wash your face and neck using normal water.

Basically papaya can be used as a face pack for all skin types. If you have a normal skin, you can use it as daily face wash and feel the freshness. If you mix papaya pulp with two table spoon of Aloe Vera gel and apply on your skin for 15-20 minutes and then wash off using cold water, you will see your skin exfoliating. Aloe Vera and papaya together can maintain the oil balance of skin and prevents it from dryness making it smooth and soft.


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