Step-by-Step Guide for Using Concealers on Face

For flawless skin without marks and blemishes, it is said that concealer will help. To apply a concealer, the first step is to apply moisturiser that has SPF. The moisturiser will help in application of concealer and will let it to glide on the skin smoothly. It is said that we should not use concealer on whole face; rather we should apply it wherever needed. Some parts of our face like forehead get tanned due to exposure to sun and seem dark.

  • Choose Creamy Base: Also, dry concealers should not be used. They leave the skin dry and you will feel as if you have applied powder. If you find creamy concealer formula, that would be better for long lasting lustrous look.

concealers on face

  • Choose a Perfect Shade: If you are applying a concealer, choose a shade, which matches your skin colour and tone. If your skin tone is wheatish, you should not try a lighter concealer to look fairer. It is a myth that you should apply lighter shades of foundation or concealers. They will look like ash or white substances put over face when you will stay under the sun for a while.

concealers on face


  • Apply Only on Specific Area: Some blemishes, under-eye circles and side of the lips seem darker many a times from rest of the face. Therefore, make-up artists mostly advise to use the concealer on required area to look it blended with the skin colour.

concealers on face

  • Put Little Stripes: The concealer should be applied in small stripes. Always try to use pointed brush for applying concealer and not the thick pads. Using brushes will ensure that the concealer is not smudged here and there and can be applied as much as required. If you use pads to apply concealer, pat it softly and gently.

concealers on face


  • Blend Perfectly: When you have known about the right amount of concealer to be applied on right place, now you should also attempt to blend it properly and perfectly. After you have put stripes of concealer on your face with the help of a brush, blend by touching it lightly and softly with ring finger. While blending, try not to tug on the sensitive and delicate areas like under the eyes.

While buying a perfect concealer for your skin, don’t forget to tell the salesperson or shopkeeper about your skin type – whether it is oily, dry or normal. Not only for concealers but other products also, you should buy according to specific needs. You should use beauty and skin care products or cosmetics keeping your skin type in mind. Some people have allergies to certain components or ingredients of cosmetic products. In such cases, they should avoid using hard base products and consider mild creamy base products.


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